Consumer Dislosure

Would you like to receive a copy of your report? Please read the instructions below:

If an employer or prospective employer has completed a background check for which you are the subject, CareerBuilder Employment Screening, LLC may have information about you in its files. If information about you is held by CareerBuilder Employment Screening, you are entitled to one free copy per year of any report(s) we may have. To order a copy of this information, you must provide us with certain information so we can be reasonably certain it is going only to you. Please send an e-mail to candidate@careerbuilderscreening.com or call (844) 220-6741 to receive instructions for obtaining your report and to receive an information request form. When we have received and verified your information, reports we hold will be sent to the address you provided to us on the information request form, along with information on how to contact us if you have questions or believe there are errors in the reports.

CareerBuilder Employment Screening, LLC is not one of the Credit Bureaus or a credit reporting agency. We will only have credit information about you if a credit report was part of a background check by an employer or prospective employer.