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Kristen Whitt, Executive Vice President

Kristen has spent over 15 years in the screening and technology industry. Prior to arriving at CareerBuilder Employment Screening, she held four senior management roles in both operations and customer engagement spanning three different screening companies. Kristen will focus on using technology and process to increase efficiency while keeping the growing customer demands at the forefront of all initiatives related to Operations. She earned her BA from Old Dominion University focusing on customer management and operational measurements. She is certified in FCRA and participates with the Professional Background Screenering Association (PBSA).

Laura Randazzo, Vice President Compliance

Laura has held senior management positions with three background-screening companies prior to joining CareerBuilder Employment Screening. With over 20 years of industry experience, her responsibilities have included overseeing all internal and external operations related to background investigations, technology integration, customer service and compliance. She holds an Illinois Private Detective Class 1 license. She has held the position of Chair on the Board of Directors with the Professional Background Screenering Association (PBSA) and has testified as an expert witness involving negligent hiring and non-compliance. She holds PBSA FCRA Advanced certification.

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